3 Common Problems That Come Along with Malocclusion

In simple terms, malocclusion means your teeth are not so well aligned or you have what may be referred to as a poor bite. This issue can show up in a lot of ways, such as an underbite or overbite, crowding, or even a crossbite. While this can be one of the most common reasons for treatment with Invisalign in Mountain View, CA, uncorrected malocclusion can lead to problems.

Tooth Shifting

When the bite is not properly aligned, over time, the pressure at different points in your mouth when you chew can actually lead to the teeth shifting even further out of alignment. For example, if you have a severe crossbite, the unusual pressure on one side of your mouth may put undue stress on the teeth on that side and cause them to shift.

Irregular Tooth Wear

Irregular tooth wear could be called the most common result of malocclusion. You may start to notice that certain teeth wear down quickly or they are starting to show signs of wear over time. Eventually, this type of erosion can heighten your risks of tooth decay and even the risk of having to get a tooth pulled. Many people who have misaligned teeth opt for crowns to conceal areas of wear if they don’t have the alignment problem corrected.

Tooth Loss

When the bite is not properly aligned, the presence of tooth wear, shifting, and even harder-to-reach teeth when you are doing standard oral care at home, can mean the teeth are more likely to reach a point when they are irreparable. For those reasons, it is important that you work with a dentist as soon as possible to correct any misalignment issues that could later lead to problems. Ideally, bite problems should be corrected as an adolescent, but there is no age limit when it comes to something like Invisalign or braces.

Find Help from a Mountain View, CA Dentist

Malocclusion may be a common oral health issue, but this can be the root cause of many oral health concerns. If you have issues with the spacing or formation of your teeth, a Mountain View dentist can help. Reach out to us at Cassarra Dental to schedule a free iTero Scan today.

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