3 Pros of Getting a Crown

The world of dentistry can be a confusing place for many people, particularly once they realize just how much variance there can be from dentist to dentist. For those with perfect teeth, this isn’t necessarily a problem. For others, though, it’s not always easy to discern which path to go down. If you’ve had a crown recommended to you by at least one dentist but haven’t gone through with it yet, we’ll give you a few key benefits to getting the procedure done.

1. It Will Strengthen Your Teeth

No matter what your diet looks like, it’s important to have teeth that can handle the unexpected. Even relatively soft foods can contain grit or sand that can erode your teeth over time. If you choose not to get a crown in Mountain View, CA, it’s possible that your remaining tooth will be able to handle it, but why take the chance if you don’t have to?

2. Crowns Make for Easier Preventative Care

If you can’t brush and floss all day every day, a crown will protect your tooth from the bacteria that eventually causes decay. Plus, when you do brush and floss, a crown rounds out both sets of teeth so the tools can do the job. You are less likely to have to deal with more dental care in the future if you get a crown today.

3. Crowns Make Your Teeth Look Better

Not everyone’s interested in getting a more attractive smile, but it’s a nice bonus even if it’s not at the top of your list. A decaying or yellowing tooth can really stand out from the rest of your teeth, but a crown will cover all that up. Dentists will also match the color of your tooth to the rest of your teeth so everything blends together.

The Case for a Crown in Mountain View

At Cassara Dental, Dr Joseph M Cassara knows that it’s not always easy to pull the trigger on dental work. If you’re interested in getting a crown (or learning about potential alternatives to a crown), talking it through with a professional can help. To find out more, schedule an appointment for a consultation today. The right dentist in Mountain View, CA can do wonders to help.

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