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Do Natural Treatments for Oral Hygiene Really Work?

You won’t have any trouble finding natural treatments for dental issues. Not only are you likely to hear about them from friends and family, but the internet is crawling with advice about how to boost your oral health with these remedies. Learn more about whether these claims have any merit and what you can do to give your smile its best chance of success.

The Nature of Natural Remedies

When people went millions of years without formal dentistry and pharmaceuticals, it’s clear that natural oral treatments in Mountain View, CA do have some degree of success. So, even if there are no formal studies, that doesn’t mean that a treatment doesn’t work or that people are lying about their results.

In general, most dentists will only have so much experience with different types of treatments, though. If it’s not formally covered in their education, they may default to discouraging patients from doing certain activities. What they’re most concerned about, though, is keeping you safe. If they don’t have reason to believe that a natural treatment is hurting you, then they aren’t likely to be as adamant. (Treatments like oil pulling may not perfectly fix your gums, but they also won’t hurt them either.)

Can Natural Remedies Cause Harm?

The problem with natural remedies is much more when treatment can potentially do harm. Thankfully, in the dental field, there aren’t too many ways for direct natural remedies to go wrong. However, there are instances when taking certain herbs for other reasons may impact your oral health. For instance, if you take Ginkgo Biloba, you might find that your mouth continues to bleed after surgery. This is because it’s a blood thinner that’s often used as a mental pick-me-up. It’s a sign that you need to tell your dentist about everything you’re doing to help your health, whether it seems related to your oral health or not.

Dentists in Mountain View

If you’re looking for dentists in Mountain View, CA who have struck a good balance in their treatments, the staff of Dr. Joseph M Cassara is here to help. From scans to root canals to fillings, we’re here to help you get everything you need to maintain your smile.


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