How Smoking Could Cost You Your Teeth

You probably already know that smoking is bad for your health. But has your dentist in Mountain View, CA, ever told you that smoking could actually cause you to lose your teeth? It’s true. Smoking causes a whole laundry list of oral health dangers, one of which is tooth loss.

Tooth Loss and Six Other Ways Smoking Affects Your Oral Health

Here are some of the issues caused by smoking cigarettes. If you smoke, consider quitting. You can then get a tooth whitening treatment in Mountain View, CA, without having to worry about cigarettes staining your teeth ever again.

1. Smoking Causes Bad Breath

Smoking causes bad breath, which could result in job loss or other social consequences.

2. Smoking Lowers Your Immune System

When you smoke, it lowers your immune system, which slows the healing process for all dental and medical procedures.

3. Smoking Increases Your Chances of Oral Cancer

Smoking frequently causes oral cancer. The smoke exposes your oral tissues to toxins that are known to cause cancer.

4. Smoking Puts You at Risk of Developing Gum Disease

Smoking is a leading cause of gum disease, an infection of your gums. Cigarettes contain carcinogens. So when you smoke, those carcinogens get into the soft tissues of your gums, resulting in disease.

5. Smoking Can Lead to Tooth Decay

The smoke from cigarette smoking frequently leads to tooth decay. Treating tooth decay can become costly, especially if you continue smoking, because it will be an ongoing issue.

6. Smoking Can Lead to Dental Procedure Complications

Smoking affects your immune system. A healthy immune system will help you avoid dental procedure complications. A healthy immune system will also help you recover more quickly from a dental procedure.

7. Smoking Can Lead to Tooth Loss

All of the above smoking dangers combined are what cause a chain of events that will, at some point, lead to tooth loss. People who smoke cigarettes will generally lose an average of 1–2 teeth every ten years. That’s a lot of tooth loss in one lifetime. Don’t let that be you!

Do You Need a Dentist in Mountain View, CA?

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