Is It Possible to Get Too Much Teeth Whitening?

Believe it or not, teeth whitening is a $3 billion industry worldwide. Unfortunately, as more and more people are determined to achieve that perfect smile with bright white teeth, some may be overdoing it to extremes. In fact, excessive teeth whitening is classified to be a body dysmorphic disorder known as bleachorexia. Though it is sometimes safe to whiten teeth by using at-home treatments or by having professional teeth whitening in Mountain View, CA, it is possible to get too much teeth whitening.

How Are Teeth Whitened Too Much?

If you’re curious as to just how teeth can be whitened too much, there are many ways this occurs. Since people who do this often have unrealistic expectations, they fail to heed instructions from their dentist or what’s found on their at-home whitening treatment kits. As a result, they exceed the recommended use of products, or actually combine whitening kits with various types of toothpastes, whitening strips, and mouthwashes in hopes of getting the perfect smile.

Signs Your Teeth Are Being Whitened Too Much

If you are whitening your teeth too much, you’ll find out about it very quickly in a variety of ways. To begin with, your teeth will begin to feel sensitive all the time to hot and cold foods and drinks. Also, your gums may begin to become more sensitive, and may appear red and even bleed when you brush your teeth. Other problems will include the loss of tooth enamel and your teeth taking on a translucent appearance, which is caused by the loss of enamel. Unfortunately, once your tooth enamel disappears, it’s gone for good. Should this happen, you may be left with teeth that have a bluish or blue-gray hue to them, rather than the white you had envisioned during your whitening treatments.

Whether you are looking to whiten your teeth due to staining from coffee, tea, or wine, discoloration related to the aging process, or just because you want to have a great smile for an upcoming event like a job interview, don’t overdo it. Instead, just put your smile in the capable hands of a Mountain View, CA dentist you know and trust. Professional teeth whitening in Mountain View, CA will ensure you are not over-whitening your precious pearls!

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