Struggling With Bad Breath? What You Can Do

Bad breath can be a discouraging and even embarrassing problem to have. Bad breath is caused by bacteria and can also be caused by eating certain foods. If you struggle with bad breath, then there are many things you can do to get rid of this issue!

Don’t struggle with bad breath. By making the following changes to the way you take care of your mouth and teeth, and by seeing your dentist in Mountain View, CA, you can avoid this unfortunate problem.

Change What You Eat

Some foods just make your breath smell more than other foods. Garlic is an example of this. Onions is another example. When you eat these foods, little food flecks stay behind in your mouth until you brush your teeth, so your breath will continue to smell like this food until you brush your teeth.

In addition, foods are absorbed into your bloodstream and maybe smelled on your breath when you exhale long after you’ve finished eating, and long after you’ve brushed your teeth. If you’re in a situation wherein you’re particularly worried about making your breath smell bad (perhaps because you’re on a date or in a social situation), it’s best to avoid these foods.

Brush More Frequently

Brushing after each meal can help get rid of the smell of food in your mouth. If you don’t brush your teeth twice per day, you should definitely be brushing your teeth more frequently! If you brush your teeth twice per day already and still struggle with bad breath, try brushing mid-day as well.

See the Dentist

It could be that you’re having problems with bad breath because your mouth has an excess of bacteria. It may be time to see the dentist. Call your dentist today to make an appointment for a dental cleaning in Mountain View CA.

When you come in for a general checkup, tell your dentist about your struggles with bad breath. Your dentist may be able to identify the cause of your problem, and may also be able to make suggestions that can help you maintain fresher, more pleasant breath.

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