Tips For Making Your Kids Enjoy Brushing

Encouraging your child to brush their teeth need not be a nightly argument, how can you avoid it? Your Mountain View dentist has tips that will help you transform your child’s brushing experience from a boring job into a fun habit that will last a lifetime. These tips are easy to integrate into everyday life.

Read a Book About Brushing

Try reading an age-appropriate book together with your child. Consult with your local bookstore or librarian to find ones that your child might enjoy reading. They’ll learn all about brushing without actually realizing that they’re learning a lesson.

Let Them Choose Their Toothbrush

Bring your child to the store with you to buy their toothbrush. Let them choose their favorite. Purchase several so that you can easily replace them as needed. Dentists recommend replacing your child’s toothbrush about once a month.

Brush With Them

Children are always looking for ways to spend more time with their parents. Why not make teeth brushing a family affair? Mom and dad can stand behind the child so your child can see you both in the mirror. This makes morning or nightly teeth brushing a fun family event.

Play Music

Besides brushing your teeth with your child, music is a great way to make brushing a more pleasant activity. You can even find songs that last long enough so your children know how long to brush.

Leave Messages on the Mirror

Just before it’s time for your child to brush their teeth, leave cute messages on the mirror for them. For younger kids, funny pictures drawn on the mirror with shaving foam will make them smile. Older kids that can read may appreciate loving notes of encouragement from mom and dad.

Use Flavored Toothpaste

There is some flavored toothpaste for kids that your children might enjoy. Just be sure to run these by your Mountain View dentist to make sure the brand is dentist-approved. Also, be sure your child doesn’t eat or swallow the toothpaste. Supervision is essential.

If you need help getting your child to brush, talk to your Mountain View dentist. We can talk to your child about the importance of dental hygiene and we have visual aids to make it fun. To book an appointment, please contact us today.

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