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What is the Purpose of an iTero Scan?

iTero introduced their first intraoral scanner in 2007. This game-changing piece of dental technology altered the game for dental professionals, enabling them to operate more effectively and efficiently thanks to improved digital scanning. iTero scans are available at Cassara Dental in Mountain View, CA.

How Are iTero Intraoral Scanners Used?

Your dentist in Mountain View, CA uses iTero Intraoral scanners to scan patients’ mouths, capturing a series of high-resolution images within a matter of seconds to build three-dimensional dental scans. iTero scans create more detailed scans than the typical two-dimensional pictures they are replacing.

Dental experts can use the iTero intraoral digital scans to build realistic physical dental models for restorative procedures such as crowns, veneers, and implants. They also assist orthodontists in diagnosing orthodontic issues and formulating the most effective treatment options. At Cassara Dental, Itero scans are offered at no additional cost as part of the overall dental health assessment and to help diagnose problems such as malocclusion, or bite issues.

The Function of iTero Intraoral Scanners

The iTero intraoral scanner has a wand that the dentist glides around the patient’s mouth. The wand collects hundreds of image frames per second, which are “stitched” together to provide a three-dimensional representation of the patient’s mouth. iTero intraoral scanners have small wands that enable the dentist to scan molars at the rear of the mouth, as well. This is helpful, so that the dentist isn’t restricted by how wide their patients’ mouths can open.

The digital dental pictures obtained by the iTero intraoral scanners are shown on the display in real time. Before the scan is stored and sent to the lab, the displays reveal if the scan is satisfactory or not.

The main purpose of an iTero scan in Mountain View, CA is to give the dentist a comprehensive and up-to-date image of the oral health condition of the patient. With the information obtained from the iTero scan, the dentist can make fully informed treatment decisions and recommendations.

At Cassara Dental in Mountain View, CA, iTero scans are routinely used as part of an overall dental health assessment. This is offered to the patient at no additional charge. Contact us today to book your assessment!

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