Why Is One of Your Teeth Changing Colors?

For the most part, the shade of your natural teeth should remain fairly consistent from tooth to tooth. However, there are some instances when one tooth will start to change colors, and this is definitely not a welcome thing to see in the mirror. What is the root cause of this issue and what should you do? Here is a look at some of the things you should know.

Trauma can cause a tooth to turn gray.

If you have sustained some kind of trauma to your mouth, it is possible for a tooth in that area to change colors. Specifically, the tooth may turn a gray color. This hue comes about because blood flow to the tooth has been disrupted, so the interior is starting to deteriorate. In some cases, the dentist can rectify this kind of issue by reseating the tooth and using a temporary brace to hold the tooth in place while it heals. However, if the trauma has been severe or if the issue has been allowed to sit idle for too long, you may lose the tooth. This is why it is important to seek emergency dental care right after you have sustained trauma to your mouth and teeth.

Age can cause discoloration due to the breakdown of a tooth.

Most people understand that teeth can start to deteriorate as you get older, and this process often happens from inside out. The internal material breaks down and it causes the entire tooth to look discolored. What most people do not know is this process can happen at different rates, which means teeth can start changing colors on their own before others. Sometimes, this can lead to having one tooth that is discolored. For example, you may have one tooth that is gray, bluish, or even yellow or brown.

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Any time something drastic changes about the shade of your teeth, it is imperative that you get immediate dental attention. Reach out to us at Cassara Dental in Mountain View, CA to schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph M. Cassara to have your issues professionally diagnosed and treated.

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